Education Permit

Tracking education, outreach, volunteer work days, etc. can be tough to do! At the HETF we track these activities using an Educational Activity Permit.

For Puʻuwaʻawaʻa educational permit applications, please submit to Kaleohone Roback @

For Laupāhoehoe educational permit applications, please submit to HETF staff @

Education Permits are required for activities within the HETF.

Program or group activities with approved permits can be viewed on the calendar below. Please note that activities seen in the calendar are not generally open to the public. Activities are limited only to individuals identified in the permit unless otherwise noted. Please see the ‘Education Permits’ link above to see how your program or group can apply for a permit.

Activities within Pu‘uwa‘awa‘a are given in green and Laupāhoehoe activities are given in red.