Facilities to support education and research activities are available in each Unit utilizing either HETF or State managed facilities.

Image of the Kahikina Learning Center in Laupāhoehoe

Laupāhoehoe Unit

The USFS has entered into a partnership agreement with Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests (AFTF) to help manage the Kahikina Learning Center (KLC).

HETF support facilities for the Laupāhoehoe Unit are present within the town of Laupāhoehoe, outside the forest boundary. The Kahikina Learning Center (KLC) is located on 55 acres of old sugar cane lands within the Laupāhoehoe community, approximately four miles from the HETF forest boundary.

Facilities include a bunkhouse, kitchen, restrooms, and classroom/meeting space. The facility site offers opportunities for research, education, and demonstration. The Center operates on a reservation system for both facility and land use activities.

General Housing Information:

Housing includes a full kitchen, common area, restrooms, washer/dryer, and bedrooms. Eight beds are available for reservation (subject to availability). To learn more about facility amenities and conditions read General Expectations. Partner agreements may be required for overnight stays.

To apply for housing or land use activities:

Please email kokua@akakaforests.org with inquiries and minimally two weeks in advance of your requested dates.

  • At this time housing reservations are first come first served and your requested dates may not be available; do not make plans to stay at the facility until you have received approval.
  • For land use, advanced notice is required and additional information may be requested for research and other complex or large scale education or demonstration activities.

Pu‘uwa‘awa‘a Unit

HETF support facilities for Puʻu Waʻawaʻa are still in the planning stages. There are state managed facilities which may be available to support education and research activities. Contact the HETF Resource Associate for more information.