The HETF’s engagement vision is to serve as a center for demonstration, education, training, and outreach on tropical forestry, conservation biology, and natural resources research and management. Engagement goals will be accomplished through a stong reliance on partnerships and span six focal areas:

  • Formal training for professionals – Provide work experience and professional development in ecology, conservation, and restoration.
  • Community outreach – Communicate research findings and management goals, and foster a connection to nature and forest stewardship through engagement activities that involve the public through collaboration with partners including K-12 education partners.
  • Cultural training – Exposing researchers, students, and managers to cultural knowledge directed at managing forest and coastal resources, including native Hawaiian perspectives and approaches.
  • Demonstration for managers – Delivery of information, tools, and techniques to managers through demonstration research, conservation, and restoration projects.
  • Student research – Foster and support undergraduate and graduate level research opportunities and research internships.
  • Academic education – Collaborate with universities to integrate college level courses and support courses via state and federal facilities.